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The Intelligent Transportation Society of California (ITSCA) is a public/private professional organization formed to foster the development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems in California.

ITSCA seeks to educate all sectors on the merits of technology in transportation and serve as a forum for industry-wide networking. ITSCA believes that manufacturers, service providers, technology companies, and end-users can all benefit from initiatives that drive the implementation and commercialization of technology in transportation.

ITSCA facilitates partnerships that advance efficient transportation systems, and with that, strengthen California’s presence as a world leader of intelligent transportation research, development, deployment, and commercialization. Our goal is to add value to our target constituencies that include transportation agencies, private industry, elected officials, and end users, and to inspire improvement in public services while promoting opportunities for private investment.
ITSCA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), private-public organization.


ITSCA was established in 1994 through the collaborative efforts of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Project California, and the California Council on Science and Technology. Startup funds were provided by the US Department of Commerce, Caltrans, and private industry, and later augmented when ITSCA received a 3-year contract from Caltrans to continue its mission. Since 2002, financial support has been generated from membership fees, sponsorships, and industry events. ITSCA is currently an autonomous and fully self-funded non-profit organization that enjoys significant membership increase each year! With our innovative programs and growing network, we’re on our way to becoming the premier destination for smart transportation information.

Board of Directors

Steve Gota (Chair)

Executive Officer Highway Program
LA Metro

Kenny Chao (Treasurer)


Mike McIntee

Director, Western Sales

Nagarajan Hemamalini

Hema Nagarajan, PE

Engineer II


Antonio Genoese

Senior ITS/Traffic Engineer

Alyssa Phaneuf.

Kimley Horn and Associates

Aravind Kailas, Ph.D.

Advanced Technology Policy Director
Volvo Group North America

Ben McKeever

CAV Program Manager
UC Berkely PATH

Carlos Ortiz

Chief Operating Officer

Carol Kuester

Director, Electronic Payments
MTC – Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Dan Lukasik

Vice President

J. Bhullar Portrait 1

Jesse Bhullar

Chief, Division of Traffic Operations

James Dreisbach-Towle

Principal Technology Program Manager

Jane White

Independent Consultant

Jim Misener

Senior Director, Technical Standards

Josh Peterman

Principal, National Engineering Lead
Fehr & Peers

Katherine Mertz

Director of Sales
Sensys Networks

Mark Jensen

Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Steven Bradley

Steven Bradley

Iteris, Inc.

Victor Koo

Project Manager 
City of Pasadena

Wendy Tao_Headshot5

Wendy Tao

Head of Mobility Solutions
Siemens Mobility, Inc.



Steve Gota


Jane White


Carol Kuester

Nominating Board

Katherine Mertz

Northern California

Carlos Ortiz

Southern California



Dan Lukasik (Chair)
Victor Koo (Co-Chair)

Events & Annual Meeting

Melissa Hewitt (Chair)

Legislative Outreach

Ramin Massoumi (Chair)


Carlos Ortiz (Chair)


Mike Mcintee (Chair)

Awards & Scholarship

Jim Misener (Chair)


Aravind Kailas (Chair)
Katherine Mertz (Co-Chair)

YPG Advisory

Kenny Chao (Chair)


Josh Peterman (Chair)

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