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ITSCA recognizes the importance of recruiting students into our industry. Each year, ITSCA offers scholarships to students who wish to advance their studies in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This academic year, three $5,000 scholarships were available, thanks to additional partnership with the California Transportation Foundation.

2020 Scholarship Award Winners

Sponsored by ITSCA & California Transporation Foundation

Soomin Woo - UC Berkeley

“With a strong determination to help build this balance, I excelled as a student in civil engineering and published numerous works in transportation in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Eager to learn more, I entered the PhD program in transportation engineering at University of California, Berkeley. I am particularly interested in the coexistence of the emerging vehicles, such as Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs), and the society.”

Sam Speroni - UCLA

“I have been interested in equitable transportation of children to school since my early career as a teacher at a low-income high school. I became interested in ITS through my transportation courses in the Urban Planning program at UCLA. And I saw the power of ITS to improve society through my work analyzing HopSkipDrive, through which I have combined my professional backgrounds to work toward producing research that shows how ITS can better our children’s lives—present and future. If I were to receive it, the 2020 ITS Scholarship would help advance my work in this important area as I continue my graduate studies in UCLA’s Urban Planning PhD program.”

Anu Kuncheria - UC Berkeley

“My decision to pursue PhD in Transportation Engineering program is to examine the inter-linkages between transportation systems and control strategies. This is part of my progressive long-term goal to build and revive transport systems and policies in cities that are close to my heart. I believe ITS technologies can help cities in better manage, control and increase efficiency in transportation.”


For additional information about ITSCA scholarships, please contact us.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Roger Lloret-Batlle
Gabriel Yu
Neda Massoud
Zoe Unruh

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