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2018/2019 Academic Year

ITSCA recognizes the importance of recruiting students into our industry. Each year, ITSCA offers two scholarships to students who wish to advance their studies in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Applicants must be enrolled in an ABET accredited college or a university in California. 2018/2019 applications will be online soon.


  1. The applicability of the student’s post graduate degree to Intelligent Transportation Systems in California.
  2. An essay by applicant that includes ITS career objectives and particular interests in ITS.
  3. Transcripts of marks received in courses and a list of courses to be taken during the academic year.
  4. Letters of reference from professors, mentors, managers, etc.

2017/2018 information and applications


For additional information about ITSCA scholarships, please contact us.

Recent Scholarship Winners

Roger Lloret-Batlle, a PhD candidate at UC Irvine is studying how building and applying telecommunication and information technologies will aid development of ITS strategies. Roger’s focus is on the potential for V2V and V2I communications to evolve the way that traffic management systems (e.g., traffic signals) may operate. Specifically, his dissertation research is focused on auction-based traffic signal control—a topic that is both as visionary in its scope as it is in pushing the limits of ITS evolution.

Gabriel Yu, also a PhD candidate at UCI is focused on the study of intelligent transportation systems, specifically modeling travelers and shippers’ behavior under partial information, the framework for quantifying traveler’s information, multi-criteria dynamic traffic assignment and ITS project investment decisions under uncertainty. Gabriel has worked with Caltrans, LADOT, LA Metro, Lyft, and Uber in furthering the practical application of his research.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Neda Massoud
Zoe Unruh

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