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Diversity & Inclusion


ITS California has created the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and growth opportunities for our members, transportation professionals and in our communities.

As a community specializing in transportation, we strive to be as diverse as the members and communities we serve. Our different perspectives lead to different policy and engineering outcomes and we value this diversity. The results and comments received from this survey will help ITS CA formulate a strategic plan related to diversity and inclusion, and develop appropriate actions. This work will happen in 2021.  Responses are anonymous and only aggregate data will be shared with ITS, and not all data collected may be used.

If you would like to participate in supporting this effort or would like to give specific non-anonymous feedback, please feel free to contact DEI committee chair Mark Jensen (

We'd like to hear from you!

As part of the DEI effort we are conducting an email survey sent to our ITS CA general contact list. The purpose of this survey is two-fold: 1) to benchmark the diversity of ITS CA and its members and 2) to identify potential topics ITS CA can focus on in the upcoming years to lead to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

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