Mission Statement

The mission of the Intelligent Transportation Society of California Young Professionals Group (ITSCA YPG) is to foster a community of future leaders in transportation technology by providing a forum for continued education, knowledge sharing, and professional development for young or new professionals in the intelligent transportation industry.

As transportation technology rapidly evolves, young professionals in ITS are eager to understand burgeoning technologies, trends, and transportation strategies that are being developed and implemented worldwide that could change the landscape of the industry. To promote a community of transportation professionals that are socially connected and capable of sharing ideas, technologies, and knowledge, the YPG aims to be inclusive to all who work in the industry, creating a variety of events relevant to traditional ITS professionals and developers and entrepreneurs of vehicle technology.

Through YPG, young professionals can grow their understanding of local projects and initiatives through mutual learning.

The guiding principles of ITSCA YPG are to:

  • Provide an inclusive, friendly environment for all young professionals in ITS-related industries to grow their networks.
  • Provide a forum to facilitate inter-disciplinary learning.
  • Provide opportunities for young professionals to take leadership roles early in their careers. YPG will provide resources for learning leadership skills, including presentation, communication, organization, and other skills that are imperative for success in the industry.
  • Allow young professionals to stay engaged with the industry and connected with their peers.
  • Keep members up to date with current technology advances and policy updates.
  • Trade ideas and discuss policy and planning principles to respond to the transportation revolution.
  • Promote members’ continued involvement with ITSCA and ITS America. Prepare and encourage YPG members to present research, projects, and perspective at ITSCA workshops and Annual Meeting.
  • Hold events that are valuable to transportation technology software and hardware development companies to facilitate intermingling of private companies and government policy implementers.

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