New local chapters can be established by a chapter champion, on basis of support from the ITS-CA Board. Formally recognized regional chapter positions in the YPG charter are:

  • Chapter Chair – leads meetings, guides direction of group, communicates group activities with ITSCA Board
  • Treasurer – manage accounting, event budgets, and revenue from sponsorships and memberships
  • Secretary – takes notes at Board meetings, provides list of action items, creates and sends meeting flyers
  • Event Committee:
    • Tours and Demonstrations Chair (local TMCs, local test sites, technology demonstrations)
    • Project Presentations Chair (anyone can present the project they are working on)
    • Focused Topic Events Chair (in a forum setting? e.g. CAV, navigating the government (funding, regulatory approvals, etc))
    • Professional Development Chair (events to teach young professionals how to network effectively, presentation skills, “toastmasters,” etc)
    • Social/Networking Events Chair – happy hours, team-building outings, and other fun events
  • Student/University Outreach Chair – reaches out to University students and faculty to learn of transportation research; works together with event committee to incorporate university into events; coordinates presentations and promotion of industry to university students
  • Social Media Chair – documents events and posts updates continuously on social media; takes and uploads photos of events on social media for promotion
  • Sponsorship Chair – solicits and manages sponsorships for the group as a whole and for individual events
  • Membership Chair – solicit membership and creates strategies and incentives for people to become members
  • Webmaster – Creates, manages, and updates the website with upcoming events, recaps of past events, and more

Individual chapters may establish additional positions at their discretion.

Greater Los Angeles

This chapter serves Los Angeles and vicinity. If you would like get involved with the LA Chapter, contact Tiffany Huang at

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